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The Literary Lunacy of a Geeky Pagan Librarian
Back on track! Review of "Chasing His Own Tale" 
28th-Sep-2010 08:27 pm
Finger Prick
Mr. Von Kannon, one of my followers on Twitter, asked me to read one of his stories which is available on Amazon called "Chasing His Own Tale" because I am so super amazing and awesome I happened to be around. ;) As a writer, I totally get the theme of having to battle with your characters, or listen to them battle each other, to get pen to paper in a productive manner. But many a bitchy journal entry I've written over the years can't compare with the humor with which Mr. Kannon captures his Muse, Hero, and Enchantress. In between chuckles I found myself saying more often that not "Hey! I know how that feels!"

I will be looking out for more of Kannon's work in the future cause if it's even half as funny, it's well worth it. ^_^ It's really cute and I will be reading it again.
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