February 7th, 2017

Finger Prick

January/February Loot Anime Crate: Dimension

  • No Game No Life Jibril T-Shirt

  • Sword Art Online I Socks – Kirito

  • Sword Art Online II Asuna Figure

  • Yume Keychain

  • Re:Zero Rem & Ram Rotating Picture Frame

  • Log Horizon Novel

This is one of those crates that unintentionally made me feel completely out of touch. I have no clue about any of these fandoms. The stuff is cool and all but the only bits I will go out of my way to keep are the shirt, the picture frame, and the manga to review. Not to say this stuff isn't cool, I just won't appreciate them as much as someone who is really a fan.

Why keep the stuff I don't know about? Because it's cool. That's all.

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